Another Controversial Move From Elon MuskSocial Media

August 19, 2023 14:45
Another Controversial Move From Elon Musk

Elon Musk owned X, now has one more controversial move. Twitter will now remove the block feature.

Elon Musk on Friday said that they will remove the protective feature that users can block other accounts. After Elon Musk’s takeover, every move regarding the X app has turned controversial.

The block function is used to restrict users from getting personal texts from specific accounts and also to see their posts or use to restrict them from following their accounts.

Musk on Friday said except for DMs all others can't block users now. The block feature will be deleted.

But unlike blocking there will be one more feature added which is the mute function. Which screens users from seeing the posts, and accounts, which is the same as blocking, but will not let the other user know that the account holder has blocked you.

While the move was innovative, many researchers feel that Elon Musk’s move is irresponsible. Since Musk took over, many had already left Twitter and many started hate speeches about him. Even a few governments have accused the company.

But the new conflicted decision will not support the guidelines of Apple’s App Store and Alphabet’s Google Play. Apple says that any user-related app should have a block feature to restrict abusive users and Google Play Store apps must provide their blocking user to content users according to their norms.

However, the removal of the block feature will turn controversial.

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