Some signs about working on your RelationshipRelationship

December 06, 2023 17:12
Some signs about working on your Relationship

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Engaging in self-improvement is a valuable endeavor that can greatly benefit us. By dedicating time and effort to self-care and self-reflection, we can strive to become the best versions of ourselves. However, it is important to recognize that we often become overly critical of ourselves and lose touch with our emotions. The task of cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves can feel daunting, especially when we constantly compare our progress to that of others.

This tendency leaves us feeling inadequate and fearful of seeking healthier connections. Regret from past actions often lingers, making it challenging to let go of negative thoughts. We find ourselves constantly on edge, scrutinizing the behaviors and reactions of others, convinced that we are disliked or rejected. Instead of acknowledging and learning from our mistakes, we tend to berate ourselves mercilessly.

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