Time Management for Working MothersMoms

April 16, 2024 09:26
Time Management for Working Mothers

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It is often said that physically and mentally strong mothers raise physically and mentally strong children. Working mothers often struggle with issues in a fast-paced world. Balancing office work and housework is difficult. Because of this, working mothers often distance themselves from their children, which causes attachment problems and many psychological problems for their children. According to Sheryl Sandberg, founder of Lean In, 43% of highly qualified women quit their jobs because they can't meet the demands of their growing families. It affects mental health and increases family dissatisfaction and financial problems. However, there are ways that working women can balance their daily lives.

Time management is the most important criterion to be able to manage the appropriate amount of work each day. It is also very important to have an action plan. Creating a daily routine and sticking to it is also very beneficial for working women. Making time for self-care is so important. A healthy body and a healthy mind are important to be able to handle all the responsibilities and tantrums of a child. Daily practice will help you cope with stress and successfully cope with difficult situations. Daily yoga contributes to improved physical health and mental satisfaction. Repeating healthy habits can help you manage stress and increase productivity when dealing with children and families.

When you are overloaded, you need to prioritize work over family time. For the same reason, a woman feels guilty for not being able to spend enough time with her family and children. Career priorities should also be normalized. Work deadlines should be emphasized. Being present in the present moment is necessary for good performance and mental satisfaction.

When you take on the responsibility of motherhood, the previous version of the woman you once were instantly dissolves. In the parochial society's view, mothers are not allowed to spend time while giving birth to their children. It is necessary for mental health to abolish that idea. You should have a hobby to get mental satisfaction. Women are not mothers by nature. Women need to keep their interests alive to increase their intellectual satisfaction.

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