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March 30, 2020 06:12
‘Quarantine will not be necessary’: President Trump about New York lockdown

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While United States is at the top with their increased number of confirmed cases; peaking at over 142,000 confirmed cases as of now, things in New York specifically have taken a turn for the worse.

With the worsening condition, while the country expected a complete lockdown in New York as President Trump did insinuate about in the beginning, he has now reported that he would just issue a travel warning and not cut off the state completely.

In a tweet that he made, Trump stated saying, “A quarantine will not be necessary.”

In one of the press conferences held on Saturday, Trump did say that he might impose a complete ban on the travel in and out of New York and a fewer parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. These are the hot spots in the country, being considered as the epicentre of the spread of the disease.

But, listening to the possible insights, several of the critics stated saying that doing so can be “unworkable”, mainly because of the fact that these places account for 10-12% of the country’s GDP.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated saying, “If you started walling off areas all across the country it would be totally bizarre, counter-productive, anti-American.”

Listening to the points made and the facts around, Trump dropped the idea of the complete ban and instead tweeted that he would ask CDC to issue a “strong travel advisory” instead and the same would be imposed by the governors of the three states which are serving as the hotspots in the country.

Following Trump’s tweet, the CDC later put out advisories and warnings to the local residents to refrain themselves from non-essential domestic travel for the coming 14 days. They also clarified that the same doesn’t imply on the workers in the “critical infrastructure industries”.

While the country was in a state of protest over Trump’s remarks of reopening the US economy as soon as possible, Trump took the blow softly and mentioned that they will see what happens and not charge through anything at the moment.

There have been several restrictions that have been imposed on the other stated in the US by the Governors. Like, for example, any New Yorker travelling to Florida or Rhode Island will have to self isolate themselves if they intend to stay in the state. The same orders of self quarantine have also been imposed by the Governors of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom stated saying that the number of confirmed cases in California has been increasing. The state is under complete lockdown to prevent further spread.

With the surge in the number of confirmed cases and the uncertainty surrounding the same, the frontline healthcare providers in the United States are urging for better protective equipment to keep themselves safe during this time of crisis.

Several hospitals and the doctors have shown their worry regarding the lack of ventilators and other necessary equipments that are required for the infected patients.

US currently has 142,735 confirmed cases and has reported 2,488 deaths as of early March 20, 2020.

By Somapika Dutta

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