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  • Earthquakes in Delhi, Earthquakes news, two major earthquakes in nepal, Women

    Two Major Earthquakes In Nepal 2023-10-04 14:44:47

    On Tuesday, twin earthquakes shook western Nepal. The earthquake with magnitude 6.3 and 5.3 struck Bajhang district, which triggered landslides. Twin earthquakes happened at around 2:30 PM while there were lower tremors again at 3:06 PM and 3:19 PM with...

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    Asian Games 2023 - India, Asian Games 2023 venue, india s historic win at asian games, Women

    India's Historic Win at Asian Games 2023-10-07 11:57:28

    Indians bagged 100 Gold medals on their 14th day at the Asian Games 2023, in Hangzhou, the People's Republic of China. Jyothi Surekha and Ojas Pravin Deotale have bagged two Golds in the Archery contingent in men's and women’s compound....

    Keywords: Asian Games 2023 news, Asian Games 2023 in China, Asian Games 2023 venue, Asian Games 2023 achievements of India

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    Ranbir Kapoor, Animal movie, ranbir kapoor s animal opens on a strong note, Women

    Ranbir Kapoor's Animal opens on a Strong Note 2023-12-02 12:12:59

    Animal, starring Ranbir Kapoor, has had an impressive start at the domestic box office. The film, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, opened to mixed reviews, with some criticizing its treatment of women. However, like Vanga's previous film Kabir Singh, Animal...

    Keywords: T Series, Animal movie, Animal collections Telugu, Animal collections

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    Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video new updates, Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video latest updates, alia bhatt in shock with deepfake video, Women

    Alia Bhatt in shock with Deepfake Video 2023-11-28 07:38:15

    Deepfake videos have once again ignited controversy on social media, with celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, and Kajol being targeted. The most recent victim is Alia Bhatt, as a video circulating online shows her face superimposed onto another women....

    Keywords: Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video latest, Alia Bhatt, Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video viral, Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video new updates

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    Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women 2023 Indian women, Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women 2023 breaking, four indians on forbes list of most powerful women 2023, Women

    Four Indians On Forbes' List Of Most Powerful Women 2023 2023-12-06 06:58:29

    Forbes, the renowned business magazine, has recently unveiled its latest compilation of the World's Most Powerful Women for 2023. Remarkably, this esteemed list includes four exceptional Indian women who have not only defied societal barriers but have also left an...

    Keywords: Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women 2023 Indians, Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women 2023 list, Indians in Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women 2023, Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women 2023 list

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    Shiv Nadar 2023 donations, Shiv Nadar news, hcl s shiv nadar donated rs 5 6 cr everyday in 2023, Women

    HCL's Shiv Nadar donated Rs 5.6 Cr everyday in 2023 2023-11-04 10:29:10

    Shiv Nadar, the founder of tech giant HCL is leading the list of businessmen who donated big for charity. He donated a staggering amount of Rs 2042 crores this year which is Rs 5.6 crores everyday. The news is revealed...

    Keywords: Shiv Nadar breaking news, Shiv Nadar worth, Shiv Nadar, Shiv Nadar donations

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