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  • WHO about Coronavirus third wave, Coronavirus third wave, we are in the early stages of the third covid wave who, Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus

    We are in the early stages of the third Covid wave: WHO 2021-07-15 07:10:17

    The second wave of coronavirus calmed down in many countries and India has been reporting close to 40,000 cases on a regular basis which is clear that the second wave is yet to exhaust completely. The World Health Organization (WHO)...

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    Omicron variant, Omicron variant, who issues a warning about the omicron variant, Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus

    WHO issues a Warning About the Omicron Variant 2022-01-07 15:18:57

    The Omicron variant created a huge surge in the new cases of coronavirus. The cases have seen a huge rise in all the countries and India is no exception. The third wave of coronavirus started in the states of Maharashtra,...

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    Monkeypox updates, Monkeypox, study says that the symptoms of monkeypox are different from earlier, Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus

    Study Says that the Symptoms of Monkeypox are Different from Earlier 2022-07-30 07:16:23

    The new number of monkeypox cases have been increasing across the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned the people to be extra cautious about the huge spread of monkeypox cases. The WHO asked all those men who have sex...

    Keywords: Monkeypox news, Monkeypox study, Monkeypox news, Monkeypox

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    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus breaking news, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus latest, covax delivers 20 million doses of coronavirus vaccine for 31 countries, Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus

    COVAX delivers 20 million doses of coronavirus vaccine for 31 countries 2021-03-06 10:36:10

    The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that COVAX, the international program that is initiated to get coronavirus vaccine to the world got 20 million doses to 20 countries. Calling it a landmark week for...

    Keywords: COVAX, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus new updates, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus latest

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    Covid-19 side effects latest, Covid-19 side effects breaking news, covid 19 pandemic triggers 25 increase in depression, Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus

    COVID-19 Pandemic Triggers 25% Increase In Depression 2022-03-09 13:03:39

    The coronavirus pandemic shattered several lives across the globe. Most of the recovered people have been suffering from post-Covid impacts. As per the recent study, 25 percent of the people who got tested positive for Covid-19 and recovered are now...

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    Covid-19 patients, AIIMS Delhi, drastic improvement in india s coronavirus cases with only 5 61 908 active cases now, Tedros adhanom ghebreyesus

    Drastic Improvement In India’s Coronavirus Cases With Only 5,61,908 Active Cases Now 2020-11-02 06:28:34

    According to the data from Union Health Ministry, on Sunday there were 47,231 new Covid cases with a total of 82,29,313 cases and 496 fatalities pushing the death toll to 1,22,607. So, as of now there are only 5,61,908 active...

    Keywords: Satyendar Jain, Coronavirus Active Cases In India, Satyendar Jain, World Health Organization

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