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  • healthy, healthy, healthy eating tips to follow amid covid 19, Snack

    Healthy eating tips to follow amid COVID-19 2020-08-28 12:15:03

    It is of utmost importance to follow healthy eating habits amid the coronavirus pandemic. Staying indoors and working from has taken a toll not just on health but also the eating habits. As we are always staying at home, we...

    Keywords: healthy, eating, coronavirus, coronavirus

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    gym, essentials, what women should be carrying in their gym bag gym bag essentials, Snack

    What Women Should Be Carrying In Their Gym Bag- Gym Bag Essentials 2021-01-09 08:45:23

    Going to the gym is an experience. It is both healthy for us and a good stress buster. As Women, going to the gym can be fun, but there are a few essentials that are important to carry while attending...

    Keywords: essentials, gym essentials, workout, women

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    vegetables, fruits, this summer eat your water these 10 ways, Snack

    This summer, “Eat” your water these 10 ways 2020-05-08 13:39:49

    Hot summer months can bring around the issues of quenching thirst and issues of dehydration. If you live in an extremely hot and dry area, it is likely that the summer heat will end up taking a toll on your...

    Keywords: nutrients, nutrients, summer, vegetables

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    Health tips for Adults foods, Health tips for Adults new foods, ten healthy lifestyle tips for adults, Snack

    Ten Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Adults 2022-04-05 09:35:47

    It is quite important to take special care on your health along with ageing. Here are some health tips for adults: More than 40 nutrients are needed for good health and a single food cannot supply them together. Lunch can...

    Keywords: Health tips for Adults routine, Health tips for Adults schedule, Health tips for Adults articles, Health tips for Adults articles

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    desi comfort foods, nostlagia, stuck in the lockdown relish these 15 desi comfort foods for sheer nostalgia, Snack

    Stuck in the lockdown, relish these 15 desi comfort foods for sheer nostalgia 2020-05-05 07:24:21

    Being stuck inside home is not something anyone of us anticipated. With so many things going on, the last thing we need is to feel stressed about our next meal. Sometimes, little is more and there are a few desi...

    Keywords: indian foods, desi comfort foods, indian foods, nostlagia

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    pandemic, productivity, how to up your productivity during self isolation, Snack

    How to up your productivity during self isolation? 2020-04-21 12:45:21

    We are locked away in our homes, trying to make the most out of the least. While it is quite common for you to feel unhappy and not feel like doing something productive, it is likely that you need to...

    Keywords: pandemic, pandemic, self isolation, self isolation

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