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  • Bangarraju, Sankranthi 2022 Telugu movies, sankranthi box office bangarraju dominates the weekend, Omicron

    Sankranthi Box-office: Bangarraju dominates the Weekend 2022-01-17 05:28:06

    After the postponement of RRR and Radhe Shyam due to the rise in the coronavirus because of Omicron variant, films like Bangarraju, Rowdy Boys, Super Machi and Hero released during the Sankranthi weekend on January 14th and 15th respectively. Nagarjuna...

    Keywords: Bangarraju numbers, Sankranthi 2022 collections, Sankranthi 2022 Telugu films, Sankranthi 2022 news

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    Stealth Omicron breaking updates, Stealth Omicron breaking updates, china battles the biggest outbreak of covid 19, Omicron

    China Battles the Biggest Outbreak of Covid-19 2022-03-16 08:55:48

    It all started in China and the dangerous coronavirus shattered all the countries of the globe. China recovered well while the nations like USA, India, Brazil and others are impacted badly because of the pandemic. China is now back and...

    Keywords: Stealth Omicron news, Stealth Omicron, Stealth Omicron latest, Stealth Omicron breaking news

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    Coronavirus study latest, Coronavirus study updates, covid infected people may have different variants hidden in the body, Omicron

    Covid infected People may have Different Variants Hidden in the Body 2022-03-03 07:22:35

    The coronavirus is almost over says several health experts as the virus has weakened. There are debates going on about the new variant but the severity is expected to be quite low. A recent research told that the people suffering...

    Keywords: Covid-19, Coronavirus study breaking updates, Coronavirus, Coronavirus study breaking updates

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    NeoCov in South Africa, NeoCov news, new coronavirus variant neocov traced by chinese scientists, Omicron

    New Coronavirus variant NeoCov traced by Chinese Scientists 2022-01-28 08:22:57

    The coronavirus is here to stay and several new variants are traced in various parts of the globe. The Omicron variant was located in South Africa and is now present all over the globe. The latest news is that the...

    Keywords: NeoCov transmission, Coronavirus, NeoCov transmission, NeoCov rate

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    USA Coronavirus, USA Coronavirus, usa coronavirus deaths reaches 9 lakhs, Omicron

    USA Coronavirus Deaths Reaches 9 lakhs 2022-02-05 12:48:04

    USA happens to be the most impacted nation due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Along with a huge number of cases, the deaths reported in the nation too are quite high. The total deaths crossed 9 lakh mark in USA....

    Keywords: USA Coronavirus deaths, USA Coronavirus, USA Coronavirus reports, USA Coronavirus latest

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    Omicron latest updates, Omicron cases, how the symptoms of the omicron variant are different from others, Omicron

    How the symptoms of the Omicron variant are different from others 2022-01-27 04:51:36

    The new variant named Omicron is spreading on a fast note and is the reason for the surge in the cases in the recent weeks. The entire globe is impacted again due to the variant but the chances of hospitalization...

    Keywords: Omicron cases, Omicron impact, Omicron risk, Omicron new updates

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