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  • Trump, Hydroxychloroquine Vaccine, white house consuming hydroxychloroquine makes donald trump feel absolutely great, Malaria

    White House: Consuming Hydroxychloroquine Makes Donald Trump Feel"Absolutely Great" 2020-05-29 06:43:21

    According to a top house official, with a two-week dose ofantimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, US President, Donald Trump is feeling "absolutely great”. He will continue taking a two-week dose if he is doubtful about being exposed to the virus. What is...

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    donald trump, anti-malaria drugs, hydroxychloroquine does more damage than good new study suggests, Malaria

    Hydroxychloroquine does more damage than good, new study suggests 2020-05-23 09:02:41

    The anti-malaria drug that has been consistently promoted as “safe” by President Donald Trump could do more harm than good to your body, as per the new studies. The same was found tied to heightened risks of not just heart...

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    donald trump, hydroxychloroquine, president donald trump thanks pm modi over faster exports of hydroxychloroquine, Malaria

    President Donald Trump thanks PM Modi over faster exports of hydroxychloroquine 2020-04-10 06:47:38

    India is known for their pharmaceutical industry and is also the largest producer of the anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, which has been touted as one of the best treatment options as of now for the treatment of Covid-19. While India has...

    Keywords: covid-19, narendra modi, narendra modi, narendra modi

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    hydroxychloroquine, coronavirus, president trump defies fda warnings takes hydroxychloroquine daily, Malaria

    President Trump defies FDA warnings, takes hydroxychloroquine daily 2020-05-19 07:51:37

    Even with the warnings raided by FDA surrounding the consumption of Hydroxychloroquine and the kind of implications it has on one’s body, President Trump reported that he has been taking it regularly as a preventive measure against the novel coronavirus.Trump...

    Keywords: hydroxychloroquine, FDA, donald trump, donald trump

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    covid-19, donald trump, us is testing 10 coronavirus drugs on trial for faster results, Malaria

    US is testing 10 coronavirus drugs on trial for faster results 2020-04-10 05:58:16

    With United States being the worst hit country in the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, it isn’t surprising that they have come forth with an array of unprecedented efforts to help come up with an effective treatment option for...

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    Coronavirus cure, Coronavirus cure, status of covid 19 vaccine trials happening all around the world, Malaria

    Status of Covid-19 Vaccine trials happening all around the world: 2020-06-24 15:23:12

    There are over 140 candidates in countries around the world who have been consistently involved in making the one vaccine which can cure the disease coronavirus. The world is going through a global health crisis called the Covid-19. The novel...

    Keywords: Vaccine for coronavirus, Vaccine for coronavirus, Vaccine for coronavirus, Coronavirus cure

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