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  • summer heat, dehydration in summer, too lazy to drink heaps of water this summer eat these 5 fruits with high water content and stay hydrated, Eyesight

    Too Lazy to Drink Heaps of Water This Summer? Eat These 5 Fruits with High Water Content and Stay Hydrated 2019-04-26 07:17:49

    Summer is here and it is the period of time when you have to be extra careful about your hydration as the humidity and the heat make you sweat extremely leading to dehydration. And, drinking heaps of water is the...

    Keywords: water in summer, summer heat, dehydration, dehydration in summer

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    child, doctor, how to protect kids from eye vision problems, Eyesight

    How to protect kids from eye vision problems 2020-10-08 09:19:24

    It is always wise to ensure that your Child's eyesight is fine before sending him/her to school. It is a common phenomenon for children to experience eye problems while attending the schools. Almost every parent shouts at the children to...

    Keywords: child, doctor, doctor, eyesight

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    how does smoking affect your eyes, smoking cause color blindness, smoking over 20 cigarettes a day can cause blindness warns study, Eyesight

    Smoking over 20 Cigarettes a Day Can Cause Blindness, Warns Study 2019-02-20 09:19:17

    While excessive smoking can lead to various health issues, including cancer and heart disease, a new study has found that smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day can cause blindness. The study, carried out by Rutgers University, noted that chronic...

    Keywords: excessive smoking causes, cigarette smoke eye irritation, how does smoking cause cataracts, excessive smoking

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    contact lens in shower, can you wear contacts in the pool, contact lens wearers beware man goes blind after parasites eat man s eye as he wore lenses in shower, Eyesight

    Contact Lens Wearers Beware! Man Goes Blind After Parasites Eat Man's Eye as He Wore Lenses in Shower 2019-07-10 09:02:25

    If you using contact lenses for a very long time and even taking shower with lenses on, then it is the time to stop it immediately as it has cost one person his eyesight. Nick Humphreys, a football player from Shrewsbury,...

    Keywords: parasites eat man’s eye, contact lenses in wate, contact lens, contact lens

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    Vitamin A Deficiency, Risk Of TB, vitamin a deficiency increase risk of tb, Eyesight

    Vitamin A Deficiency Increase Risk Of TB 2017-06-15 07:03:39

    A new research discovered that, the people with vitamin A deficiency and living with the individuals infected with tuberculosis (TB) tend to develop the disease 10 times more than the people with high levels of vitamin A. "If the link...

    Keywords: Vitamin A, Deficiency Of Vitamin A, Vitamin A Deficiency Increase Risk Of TB, Deficiency Of Vitamin A

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    bad effects of contact lenses, types of contact lenses, 10 advantages of wearing contact lenses, Eyesight

    10 Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses 2019-05-25 12:18:36

    There are currently in excess of 130 million contact lens wearers globally, but with more than 2 billion shortsighted people in the world to cater for now and a predicted 5 billion by the year 2050. Contact lenses can now...

    Keywords: pros and cons of glasses, why do i see better with contacts than glasses, contact lens, advantages of contact lens

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