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  • Joe Biden, Joe Biden, zuckerberg s odd problem with biden and vice versa, Biden administration

    Zuckerberg's Odd Problem With Biden And Vice-Versa 2021-01-25 08:57:02

    Mark Zuckerberg had a long timeline. He started from developing Facebook and revolutionizing the social media world. However, as much as he had his success, he’s also had his falls. The Facebook acknowledgement, inciting ethnic cleaning in Myanmar, WhatsApp lynching...

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    Biden Administration, COVID-19, biden s covid 19 plan things will get worse before they get better, Biden administration

    Biden’s COVID-19 plan- Things will get worse before they get better 2021-01-22 05:12:29

    USA President Joe Biden signed a list of executive orders to help the fight against the COVID-19 vaccine which has ravaged across the country. The number of vaccines and and testing will increase. There will also be more announcements and...

    Keywords: Pandemic, Pandemic, USA, COVID-19

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    Joe Biden breaking news, Joe Biden breaking news, joe biden offering key positions for indian americans, Biden administration

    Joe Biden offering key positions for Indian Americans 2021-03-05 13:51:29

    USA President Joe Biden took over Donald Trump in the recent polls. Joe Biden gave top priority to several Indian Americans and assigned them in crucial roles in the USA government. Now he commented that several Indian Americans are taking...

    Keywords: Indian Americans, Joe Biden team of Indian Americans, Joe Biden new team, Indian Americans

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    sikh activists, American sikh activists, sikh activists demand apology from kamala harris for defending discriminatory policy in 2011, Biden administration

    Sikh Activists Demand Apology from Kamala Harris for Defending Discriminatory Policy in 2011 2019-07-01 06:06:25

    A group of Sikh activists in the United States has launched an online petition asking Indian origin Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris to make an apology to the community for allegedly defending a discriminatory policy in 2011 that...

    Keywords: american sikhs, discriminatory policy 2011, sikh activists, discriminatory policy 2011

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