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  • YUNHAI 1-02 earth orbit, Chinese spy satellite updates, chinese spy satellite damaged by a mysterious collision, Astronomers

    Chinese Spy Satellite Damaged by a Mysterious Collision 2021-08-21 10:15:48

    A Chinese rocket entered into the earth's atmosphere in May 2021 and this left many surprised. None of them could develop any leads about this mysterious collision that took place in space a couple of months ago. The US Space...

    Keywords: Chinese spy satellite updates, YUNHAI 1-02 earth orbit, Chinese spy satellite updates, YUNHAI 1-02 earth orbit

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    minor planets, minor planets, researchers find new minor planets beyond neptune, Astronomers

    Researchers find new minor planets beyond Neptune 2020-03-13 13:20:06

    The researchers have used data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES) and have found more than 300 trans- Neptunian objects (TNOs) and minor planets which are said to be located in the far reaches of the solar system, including more...

    Keywords: minor planets, minor planets, research, minor planets

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    Hijri, Hijri, hijri new year likely to begin from september 1 astronomers, Astronomers

    Hijri New Year Likely to Begin from September 1: Astronomers 2019-08-29 09:57:52

    An astronomical body on Thursday announced that the crescent moon for the Islamic New Year, Hijri, is likely to be seen on August 31 (Saturday) in most countries in the Middles East, including the United Arab Emirates and Africa. However,...

    Keywords: date of hijri, Islamic new year, hijri month, hijri month

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    Astronomers updates, Astronomers updates, astronomers spotted a distant planet that is making its own moon, Astronomers

    Astronomers Spotted a Distant Planet That is Making its Own Moon 2021-07-24 09:38:04

    The Astronomers announced that they have captured a distant planet that even made its own moon. They say that they have captured an alien moon that is in the making. The planet had enough gas and dust in orbit which...

    Keywords: Astronomers, Astronomers updates, Astronomers moon updates, Astronomers updates

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    discovered, discovered, 40 million year old star has been discovered by the astronomers, Astronomers

    40 Million-year-old star has been discovered by the Astronomers 2019-12-24 11:06:40

    A young star named 49 Ceti has been discovered by the astronomers. The star is surrounded by an astonishing mass of gas which questions about the understanding of the planet formation. It is said to be about 40 million years...

    Keywords: 49 Ceti, planet, planet, 49 Ceti

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    gravitation, Abhay Ashtekar, indian american prof to be conferred with esteemed einstein prize, Astronomers

    Indian-American Prof. to be Conferred with Esteemed Einstein Prize 2018-10-16 06:30:27

    An Indian American Professor Abhay Ashtekar is set to receive the prestigious Einstein Prize bestowed by the American Physical Society (APS). Ashtekar is a professor of physics, Evan Pugh Professor, Holder, Eberly Chair, and Institute for Gravitation's director and the Cosmos...

    Keywords: Abhay Ashtekar, prize, gravitation, American Physical Society

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