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September 30, 2020 04:46
Can Ayurvedic Medicines Cure COVID-19, Surprising Details Inside!

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A report showed that the natural treatment for COVID-19 has reduced the symptoms earlier when compared to other forms of treatments.

In what comes as a groundbreaking report on a clinical trial being conducted in three hospitals, the COVID-19 patients on natural treatments are resolving most of their symptoms in a span of 5 days while for the conventional treatments it is taking around 14 days to completely get cured of COVID-19.

About 86.66 percent of the patients who resorted to natural treatments have cured their symptoms of COVID-19 in 5 days in comparison to the 60 percent of the patients on conventional treatments.

The interim report on a treatment which is the combination of an Ayurvedic remedy called “Immunofree” by the Corival life sciences and Nutraceutical called “Reginmune” has shown incredible results in fighting the coronavirus against the conventional treatments used in the hospitals.

Various tests such as C reactive protein, D Timer, RT-PCR are showing a better improvement by 20 to 60 percent for the natural treatment.

The study also found out that the majority of the symptoms for COVID-19 like fatigue and body pains are being cured easily with the natural ayurvedic medicines or treatments.

About 85 percent of the patients on natural treatments have become COVID-19 negative on day 5 and on the 10th day, all the patients were negative for the virus which helped to keep the hospital vacant for new admissions.

Immunofree and Reginmune are being studied by the experts in the clinical trials being conducted in the country in 3 hospitals.

This trial is being conducted on moderate symptomatic patients at a government medical hospital in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

What makes this trial unique is that half of the patients in the hospital are being given the natural medicines and half of them are administered with conventional treatment to check the efficacy of these natural medicines.

The conventional treatment which is currently in use depends on the severity of the patients. Mostly, the conventional medicines used are Azithromycin, Favipiravir and Cetirizene.

The trial is unique in itself as it includes the patients of all age groups up to 70 years who have low oxygen saturation long other comorbidities.

It is important to note that these patients who have been given the natural medicines needed no ventilators nor had any adverse effects after administration.

These results gave rise to more people getting enrolled in the trial and the significant results should be out by the month-end.

Numerous countries and many of the states have resorted to natural treatment as they found out that the mortality rate has come down to a large extent with the use of natural medicines.

China supposedly stopped the further outbreak of the coronavirus by administering the TCM treatment.

- By Gayatri Yellayi

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