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October 24, 2014 12:06
Effects more than in},{Effects more than in

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Everthing will be at right when you are in take of pills lighter periods, fewer cramps, hopefully no pregnancy scares, etc but did you think what might happen when you are off the pill,so to clear that doubt here are effects.

Some women may find that their appetite increases when they stop birth control pills. On the other hand, if your birth control pills were causing you to retain water, you may lose water weight once you stop

A lot of women go on the Pill because it’s known to keep raging PMS at bay. So if you suffered from debilitating cramps and unpredictable periods before the Pill, you can bet those will come back once you stop taking it.

If your boobs grew on birth control progesterone and estrogen components they may shrink back to their original size,

If you were taking the pill to control hot flashes, you might start having them after stopping birth control pills.

If the pill helps make your skin more clear, once you stop taking it, you could start breaking out again.

If getting your period makes you irritable or sad and the pill was helping keep you on an even keel, don’t be surprised if those PMS emotions return once you stop

One of the biggest complaints a lot of women have about the Pill is that it kills their sex drive. While this definitely doesn't affect everyone (some women have higher libido with birth control!), hormones may be to blame.

Those you may have aren’t likely to last too long. But if you were on the pill for birth control, you can get pregnant as soon as you stop taking it

You can consult your doctor For further deatils.

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