This Woman Hate Selfies, so She Decides to Click Pictures of Herself “Lying Dead” All Around the WorldIdeas

July 19, 2019 11:58
This Woman Hate Selfies, so She Decides to Click Pictures of Herself “Lying Dead” All Around the World

(Image source from: Inside Edition)

Who doesn’t love to click selfies? Moreover, this craze has been continuing for quite some time now especially among millennials. It has been estimated that more or less a million selfies are clicked each day.

Pictures remain as a source of memory. We go somewhere, we click a picture. We see some beautiful scenery, we click a picture. We find ourselves looking gorgeous, we snap a picture. But, though it may seem strange, there’s this one woman who hates selfies!

Stephanie Leigh Rose believes that people collecting memories often tend to forget about their own mortality. The fact that everything is passing and nothing really stays forever, even if they are taken in a multitude of pictures. This is just why anyone who visits her Instagram page would find it quite strange. Her posts are usually her lying like a dead body before a famous monument. Or a lake, or any historical or geographical place of interest.

With the caption of ‘STEFDIES’, she is usually seen lying face down before a place, and the picture is uploaded without any filters or the like. And this is what her revolt has been about- the increase in heart signs, and peace signs, and all those ‘fake candids’, with their premeditated smiles. She wants to show reality as it truly is, without any farce. According to her, the images are not planned, they are just as shot as the moment comes into play.

Her way of selfies has also been about spreading awareness on the cons of selfies. From deaths to depression, selfies haven’t all been a sunkissed filter.

A school kid Danny Bowman locked himself up in a room and clicked 200 pictures a day to get the perfect selfie. All it resulted in was him turning suicidal. There has been news of couples dying while clicking their perfect selfies at risky locations.

Irrespective of age, people get affected with/by selfies. While most people, who are quite old, would stay stubbornly away from this ridicule, young people love it being quite incognizant that it could really develop unhealthy body standards to a fault.

By Sowmya Sangam

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