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September 28, 2013 12:33
How to apply for PIO Card

An application for a new PIO card or to renew an existing PIO card that is expiring, application has to be made in the prescribed FORM.

This form can be  downloaded from the nearest Indian consulate servicing your area’s website.

Documents required when applying for PIO Card from abroad

• Two sets of the form and one set of supporting documents have to be submitted when applying for PIO Card.

• Proof of present citizenship

The copies of first two and last two pages of foreign passport should be enclosed. The original Passport, old foreign passport carrying valid Indian visa. The passports are later returned to the applicant. 

• Proof of Indian citizenship

The photocopies of first three and last two pages of Indian Passport should be enclosed. If Indian Passport is still valid, it should be sent for cancellation.

• Birth Certificate o If applicant is born abroad, his/her birth certificate, wherein both parents’ names have been mentioned, should be provided. 

• Relationship proof

If parents/grand-parents origin is being claimed as basis for grant of PIO Card, following documents may be furnished:

(a) Copies of first three and last two pages of both parents’ Indian passports   OR

Copies of their domicile certificates issued by the competent authorities (class one Gazetted officer in India)

• Evidence of relationship with the applicant i.e. o In case of Parents origin: birth certificate of applicant wherein names of parents have been mentioned should be submitted.

In case of grand / great grand parents’ origin: birth certificate of applicant wherein names of parents have been mentioned; birth certificate of parents wherein their parents’ names have been mentioned should be submitted.

• Proof of Residence:

Any two of the following i.e. copy of utility bill (phone bill /electricity bill) or Driving License or Lease Deed (of residence) etc. where your USA address in the USA is clearly mentioned should be provided. The copies should be duly notarized, if you are sending your application by mail.

• Visa Status

Copy of Permanent Resident Card (both sides) or Employment authorization card or copy of page showing H1 / H4, L1/L2, F1/F2, J1/J2 etc. visa should be enclosed in case of non-US citizens. The Indian passport holder parents who are applying PIO card for their kids, then also visa status proof is essential. If you have applied for visa extension, then such proof should be provided.

• Address in India

If this different from the one in the Indian passport, please provide proof in r/o new address.

• Copy of the Surrender certificate issued by the Government of India authorities

If you do not have surrender certificate issued by the Indian Government authorities after seeking foreign nationality, then you need to do this for your PIO card application to be processed.

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