Aiming to Be a Successful Doctor in the USA? Here’s How to BeginMedical Info

June 06, 2019 12:56
Aiming to Be a Successful Doctor in the USA? Here’s How to Begin

The Indian medics are predominantly making their way abroad especially to the United States of America to take up the doctor profession. Today, the U.S. has more than 80,000 doctors of Indian origin, In addition, there are over 40,000 medical students of Indian origin in the U.S. today.

If you are one of the many Indian students looking to get into the field of medical studies abroad, Caribbean Islands is a viable option. Here is a guide that can help you with the same.

The Basic Process to Practice Medicine in the USA  

The Admission Process

In order to practice medicine in the USA, you first need to select the university. And for that, you need to understand the pre-requisites of each university and complete your Pre-Medicine studies.

Before finalizing the Med school, students need to make sure that the universities they apply to have the required approvals and accreditations from the United States of America. Some of these are:

i.Recognition by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)

ii. NCFMEA approved

iii. New York State Education Department Approved

iv. Approved by the Medical Board of California

While some universities are to the fully accredited, others are provisionally accredited, meaning these med schools were given temporary accreditation and they need to live up to a certain list of requirements before the next scheduled site visit. Post this visit the universities may or may not get full accreditation.

A student who wishes to study in the Caribbean Islands should monitor the accreditation status of the universities closely before applying.

Course Plan

In order to get selected into a medical school, this is basically a defined set of classes that one needs to study. In addition to the Pre-Med classes, one will have to appear for the MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test. In MCAT, aspiring medical students get a score and this score is what med schools will refer to at the time of the admission process. Different medical schools will have different scores as a benchmark for admission.

Once a student is selected in a Med-School of their choice, they will be studying for another 4 years. These four years of study at Med-School will be in the form of two parts. The first two years will involve studies of Basic Sciences. This includes studies of human anatomy, cell structure, physiology, and pathology. Pharmacology also forms a part of the studies. You then have to appear for the USMLE Step 1 Examination.

USMLE Examination

USMLE or the United States Medical Licensing Examination is a three-step examination that you need to complete in order to obtain a medical practitioner’s license in the USA and its territories. This examination will assess the medical student’s abilities to apply the principles, knowledge, and concepts and also to demonstrate their fundamental patient-centric skills which are important in the healthcare field.

The USMLE was created to fulfill the need of a having a single window medical licensure for allopathic physicians in the United States of America. Premedical students have to study for a total of four years before appearing for the USMLE Step 1 examination. This includes two years of Pre-Medical Studies and four years of MD program.

There are 3 Steps for the USMLE examination. You appear for Step 1 after completing 2 years of Medical School.

Step 2 consists of CK (clinical knowledge) and CS (Clinical skills) which a student takes after studying for clinical sciences during years 3 and 4 in the medical school.

By Sowmya Sangam

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