10 Ways To Help Someone You Love With AnxietyStress

December 11, 2020 04:08
10 Ways To Help Someone You Love With Anxiety

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The elephant in the room here is anxiety. But if it’s not dealt with, it can inevitably effect the people you love causing furthermore problems to turmoil.

Anxiety can be tricky to deal with. We don’t know whether calming down someone is actually helping them or no. But do not worry. We are here to help you with ways to deal with your loved one who has anxiety and how to help them calm down and relax more often with your help by following these simple 10 steps:

1.Speak emotion not logic

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Your loved one is undergoing an emotional turmoil. It is not as easy as solving it with simple logic. The human brain can b severely complicated. The best way to deal with it is it to try to be on the same page with your loved one.

2.Avoiding places or situations

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If the person you care for starts avoiding situations or going to certain places or talking to certain people, do not question them because it is most probably because of their anxiety. Social anxiety is very common for those suffering with anxiety. Try not taking them outside to these places and spend more time with them in their comfort zones or doing things they feel safe with like watching comfort TV shows or doing some fun hobbies.

3.I am tired = I am afraid

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Most of the time they are saying they are too tired to do something you like but this just translates to they are scared. If they say this, do not question them any further and try to adjust to whatever it is they feel like doing.

4. Anxiety is also a physical pain

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People with anxiety also experience a physical feeling. It can rage from anything to pains in the body to breakout sweats, heaving breathing, or their gut in their neck or chest. If the pain looks serious, then please take them to the doctor. Otherwise try giving them a hug or holding them. Offering them a glass of water helps.

5.You only see the tip of the ice berg

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When someone with anxiety is explaining their problem, unless you also suffer from anxiety, do NOT say you understand. It is impossible to understand what the other person is going through. Th best we can do is to be there for them and help them become better as much as we can.

6.Channel your calmness

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A triggering point for those suffering with anxiety is when they are feeling anxious, you are getting worked up as well. Try not to do his. Stay calm for them and talk in a very low soothing voice. This will help calm the anxious person down as well.

7. Find your interests

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See if there is anything common between the two f you and help the anxious person become more comfortable by doing things you both love.

8.It’s OK to say “you are OK”

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Telling that person tat they will be okay and providing validation is good. It makes them feel like they have a blanket to feel warm and comfortable with. In other words, it makes them feel less anxious.

9.Go to therapy

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Your partner/friend/ family might need professional; assistance. Sending them to therapy is a good decision as they have an expert help them out.

10.Know when to tag out

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It is not always that you follow these 10 steps. It depends o the person’s anxiety attack as to how you should deal with it. There is a art in knowing when to talk to the person and when to be quiet or give them their space. Talk to the person more and understand their needs to help be the best ally you can be to help them deal with their anxiety.

By Meena Atmakuri

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